Media Hit Jobs

CNN’s Pathetic Hit Job

Today, CNN tried to do a pathetic hit job on Bernie Sanders with this extremely weak-sauce article. Let’s fact-check and see how much of it is really true.

The article starts off with a gross mischaracterization of Bernie Sanders entire press conference. It says:

Bernie Sanders┬ásaid in 1994 that he agreed the country needed “some more jails” and that it must be “tougher in certain instances” on crime.

Notice how the article says certain instances. Well, let’s see what those certain instances where he supports incarcerating people:

On the other hand, do I think we need some more jails? Yup. Do I think we have to get tougher in certain instances? Yes, I do,” Sanders said. “So what you have is a balance here. You have more money going to law enforcement, more money going into jails. You have, on the other hand, significant sums of money going into prevention, beginning to allow us to deal with violence against women, child abuse and other very serious problems,” Sanders said.

Yes. Bernie Sanders wants to jail wife-beaters and child abusers.

Later, CNN goes on to explain how Mike Casca criticized Joe Biden for his role in the crime bill! Joe Biden co-cosponsored it.

Let’s also compare the rhetoric used by Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders on this crime bill

Joe Biden’s angry crime bill rant

Now, let’s compare it with Bernie Sanders “incarcerating a nation”

One is focused on alleviating poverty and wants to PREVENT crime. He doesn’t want to jail drug dealers or drug users. He wants to jail WIFE BEATERS and CHILD ABUSERS.

Hopefully, this will put to bed any doubt that the corporate media is slightly neutral in “reporting” news.